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  • Website Optimizations For Search Engines (5 of 5)

    Website Optimizations For Search Engines (5 of 5)

    It's that time again. This is the last part of my "Website Optimization for Search Engines", I am sure we'll be touching on the subject again sometime in the future but as I said at the beginning of this series, this is simply my top ...

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  • Video Marketing for Your Business – Part Three

    Video Marketing for Your Business - Part Three

    This was originally going to be the last in a three part series on using video marketing to promote your business but looking at the topics I want to cover I have made an executive decision and expanded this to a four part series. In Part ...

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  • Website Optimizations For Search Engines (4 of 5)

    Website Optimizations For Search Engines (4 of 5)

    Hello again! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Now back to business. Last week we talked about meta descriptions and their role in good SEO for websites if you missed it check it out.  Toady's topic is Heading or Header Tags and is a ...

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  • Website Optimizations For Search Engines (3 of 5)

    Website Optimizations For Search Engines (3 of 5)

    Last week, in part 2 of Website Optimization for Search Engines, I talked about the importance of meta keywords, this week it's meta descriptions.  If you missed it be sure to check it out.  Item Three: Meta Description Meta Descriptions are much more important then the ...

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  • Website Optimizations For Search Engines (2 of 5)

    Website Optimizations For Search Engines (2 of 5)

    Last week I talked to you about website optimizations for search engines with title tags. This week we'll be discussing meta keywords. If you missed last weeks article I invite you to check it out. Part Two: Meta Keywords What are Meta Keywords?: Unlike title tags, meta ...

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Website Design – Video Production – Social Media Management

There has never been a more exciting time in marketing with so many new ways
to reach potential customers right in your own backyard or across the world.

Don’t Get Left Behind

One of the most important decisions you will make for your business is choosing an effective marketing plan with a highly qualified team you can trust to get the job done right. Here at SixVine Media, we understand competing in today’s marketplace requires businesses to utilize a variety of marketing mediums to spread the word about their products and services; but if you’re not on the internet you will soon get left behind.

A Compelling Website

Our talented and creative web designers create affordable, custom websites designed to fit your business needs, but we don’t stop there. We provide over 30 training videos to show you how to make changes to content, graphics, prices and specials, and even add video, as quickly and as often as you like, with no need to wait around for an overworked and overpriced webmaster to find the time to update your website.


Effective Video Marketing

A video accomplishes many things for your business: it puts a face to your business so potential customers know exactly who they are dealing with, video is a much more engaging medium than text, Google rates video content higher than text and YouTube has two billion video downloads a day… yours could be one of them.


Engaging Social Media

Social media is an effective tool to grow your business if used properly. One of the stumbling blocks that plagues many business owners is that they don’t know how to use or set up social media profiles for business or they just don’t have time. If you want to spend more time working with customers instead of trying to optimize your Face Book page then SixVine Media has solutions for you.


Sixvine Media believes that small businesses are the backbone of America. We realized a major segment of small businesses were being under-served by traditional webmasters, and it is our goal is to help small businesses achieve the success with the most effective marketing tool we have today, the internet. Our affordable web products will help clarify and communicate your marketing message to current and potential clients by creating or enhancing your online presence.

We understand the need to stretch every dollar as far as it can go, there is no reason to just roll down the window and throw out cash. Our goal at Sixvine Media is to provide an ongoing, trustworthy relationship with our clients to help their business thrive through hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.